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Thread: Friends held up at gun point in thier house

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    Quote Originally Posted by TripleP
    Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me.

    Why the need to point out that they are black men?

    White men don't commint any crimes? I guess you've never watched COPS where the majority of the men who break the law are white.

    You're making all of the TBone4Evas on this site look bad.
    Damn it TripleP, you would put my name in something right when I'm in the middle of sticking these crackas up in their house and..........Hold on....... *Stand right there bitch while I finish replying to my WBB homies and stop acting like you scared, you know that's what we black people were put on this earth to rob you.*

    Anyway, Hahn and Gyno made good points. I didn't see anything wrong in Hahn's post. If Hahn had just said men, I would have assumed he meant "white" men unless otherwise stated.

    Tank: The N word thing is a huge double standard, but at the same it's the media that makes it seem like we all say that. At least, I don't say it. People who know me call me either Tyrone, Ty, or T-Bone. People who don't know me usually call me champ, dawg, or big man. That reminds me, I've been wanting to get that book on this topic by Randall Kennedy, a black Harvard professor. It's titled, "N*****: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word."
    Kennedy traces the word's history in literature, song, film, politics, sports, everyday speech, and the courtroom. He also discusses its plastic, contradictory, and volatile place in contemporary American society. Should it be eradicated from dictionaries and the language? Should it be, somehow, regulated? What is the significance of its emergence among some blacks as a term with "undertones of warmth and good will"? Do blacks have a historical right to its use or does that place the term under a "protectionist pall"? With courage and grave measure Kennedy has, in effect, created a forum for discussion of the word he calls a "reminder of the ironies and dilemmas, the tragedies and glories, of the American experience." --H. O'Billovitch
    Seems like a good read.

    In my observations of when the term "white trash" was used, it was used by one white person (usually female) to describe another white person they didn't like more so than a black person describing another white person. I would also put the term "wigger" in that observation as well.
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    I stopped by there today, and I guess the guys also stole his truck which was found about 10 minutes away in a parking lot. I guess people are too trusting sometimes as well. They leave their windows open in that neighborhood which isn't the greatest idea. Some of my friends parents who live in the city don't even lock their doors when they leave the house. They even leave the garage door up when gone. That's begging to be a target.

    Granted most burglars don't intend to harm, but if you corner one on accident in the middle of the night he might panic and shoot you when he never intended to. People can lose control of themselves very easily when they are that nervous or panic suddenly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SalahG
    That's horrible, if someone is jacking my place, he's going to be shot, whether he dies or not, it should not be a crime.
    I'd have to say that if I heard someone breaking in during the day and I could cleary see it was a 15yr old kid, I'm not going to gun him down in the living room. I would hold him at gun point until the police arrived though. If it was dark and I couldn't make that distinction, well then it's a different case. Then again a person of 15 isn't likely to break into a home.
    My brother and I were brutal. I once chased him around the house with a spoon that I put on the burner. I burned that little pricks leg. -sharkall2003

    Then I saw a little african boy sleeping, and I thought...that is little Okeke. he is tired from herding all the goats and the big goat got away today - Rock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gyno Rhino

    You willing to gamble your life and the life of your loved ones on a 90% chance?

    I'm sure as hell not.
    in that other thread i already clarified that if you enter my house, you die.

    im just stating that although they made a threat, it is most likely that it was just so they wouldnt possibly get caught. notifying police was the right thing to do.

    **** criminals, especially the black ones.

    jk about the black part, it made me chuckle though
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    Hahah TBone ... great start to that post , classic .

    Webb is right on , you come in my house you die , 15 , 16 , 60 yrs old , white , black ,green . My family is here , you dont belong here ... goodbye .

    Haha Webb that was funny too about the black ones .
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    It varies from state to state in the US, but in most cases, it's an implicit assumption that if someone is in your house without permission, they're a danger to your life. Any danger to your life allows the use of deadly force to end that danger.
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