A couple of my friends have a house near the University of Akron. Their house is divided into 2 sections, 2 different apartments. My friends live in the section with the door facing the street, the other door is in the rear and faces the driveway. During the night 2 black men break into the rear apartment and hold 3 guys at gun point and take EVERYTHING in their place that has any value-including 3 computers. They say if the cops are called they will come back and kill them all. They filed a report and moved out the next day. What a nice college neighborhood no? Especially for my friend who still lives in the other side of the house. The thing that really scared me is when he told me about this I said that's pretty ballsy, considering in Ohio you can legally kill a man if he breaks inside your home in a threatening manner. My friend didn't even know, in fact he didn't believe me when I told him that. This is area is so prime for crimes like this, because most criminals know college students aren't going to be armed and have no way to defend themselves. I told him he should have a gun in that house, he just kind of laughed it off like I was crazy- which really made me think. Maybe next time the occupants of the house won't be so lucky. How bad does it have to get before people will protect themselves?

I don't know if any of you have college areas like this, but I'm glad I don't live near campus anymore.