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Thread: sodium and diet coke

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    sodium and diet coke

    I love diet coke........i drink mass quantities of it. I figured it was better than drinking regualr coke and having all of that sugar. I was wondering if all of the sodium in the diet coke adds alot of bloating and water weight. Also, are their any other ill effects of diet coke consumption.

    This should be in diet and nutrition i guess......sorry
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    "Also, are their any other ill effects of diet coke consumption."
    Well, for one...cancer. You shouldn't drink mass quantities of soda anyway. That's just not good for you. I stopped drinking soda completely cuz it always makes me feel like s**t. Mass quantites of anything is never good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EviscerationX
    Well, for one...cancer.
    The science behind that is pretty sketchy. unless you're drinking about 100 gallons of diet coke a day, i wouldn't worry about cancer.
    Mass quantites of anything is never good.
    I agree 100% with that. Diet Coke is high in sodium, which can cause water retention.
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    but then again it contains caffeine which is a diuretic, so make of it what you will..


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