My right shoulder has been bothering me for about 6 weeks now. I'm hoping someone may know what the problem is. When the pain first started it hurt when I did basically anything with my shoulder. Just lifting my arm straight out to the side or over my head hurt a lot. The "everyday things" aspect of the pain has improved a ton since then. I really don't notice any shoulder pain anymore outside of the gym.

The pain started around the time when I really started progressing with weighted dips, and I figured maybe that could have been the cause of it. So, I stopped doing those right away. I also cut out dumbbell flyes, which also seem to bother my shoulder at the time. And, most important, I cut out all direct shoulder work. After 2 weeks of that, I tried to do shoulders again, but it hurt pretty bad.

I then took the next week of shoulders off. When I tried shoulders again the week after, overhead presses hurt really bad, but lateral raises felt about 75% ok.

It's now 3 or 4 weeks since then, and I did shoulders today. Lateral raises feel about 90% ok, but any overheard pressing still hurts like hell. I did 10 reps with just the bar and stopped after that. Basically my shoulder feels a lot better in everything I do except overheard pressing. Besides "see a doctor," does anyone have any ideas or guesses what my problem is?

Thanks in advance.