We're proud to be able to announce the launch of 2 new products, Extreme Training Support and Multi Plus!

ETS - Extreme Training Support

E.T.S. (Extreme Training Support) is a revolution in the sports supplement industry. E.T.S. uses proven ingredients and is one of the very few truly effective sports supplements for the hard training individual.

The backbone of E.T.S. is a unique nutracuetical called MicroLactin ™. E.T.S also combines vitamins C, E, and both zinc and magnesium in specific ratios to add to the fantastic benefits of MicroLactin ™.

If you train with weights, run, or compete in any sport which requires strength and/or endurance E.T.S is the perfect adjunct to your training and diet program.

For more info please see the ETS product page

Multi-Plus – Multi Vitamin

Multi-Plus was designed to help you get the most out of your training with the inclusion of vitamins and minerals whose consumption are crucial to that goal. These same vitamins and minerals which are crucial for getting the most out of your training are equally crucial to maintaining optimal health.

A Multi Vitamin product is a must for anyone hitting the weights or competing in any sports. In fact it’s a must for everyone, period!

For more info please see the Multi Plus product page