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Thread: Food Inspiration...i can't seem to eat

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    Food Inspiration...i can't seem to eat

    some of you may remember me...some not...but i need help once again :-)

    i eat, but not enough when i look at your eating routines:

    bowl of cereal, some yoghurt, lunch (beef), dinner (meat) + snacks

    i know i need to eat more but i dont' have the inspiration...

    sometimes i feel like what i'm eating won't do any good because they dont' either contain a lot of carbs of proteins or doesn't taste too nice

    how do you guys inspire yourselves to eat?

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    Its hard trying to fit all your meals/shakes in, well I find it hard sometimes.

    Thing that inspires me is the change in your body man, your apperance. All that hard eating and training pays off. I like going into the gym knowing all these guys in here aint gunna train harder than me, they might train AS hard but not harder. To train with that intensity every workout you gotta get your diet sorted or you'll continue to lift the same ole weights and not make any gains.

    The reason you go to the gym must be to get bigger/lose weight, know?

    Once you lose some weight/gain muscle, that will inspire you to keep it up and eat properly.
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    I wish i had no appetite... would make cutting a looooooooooooooot easier.

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    testify ryuage

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    learn to cook


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