When I first started dieting a while ago, I didn't really know anything about nutrition- I ate under a thousand calories daily, didn't do regular weightlifting to retain lean body mass, and got very little sleep.

As a result, though I dropped about thirty five pounds, I don't feel at all comfortable with my body- I lost a good inch on my biceps, and not significant amounts from my stomach or breasts or legs; effectively, I ****ed up my physique. I lost A LOT of weight on my lifts, and my body looks totally out of proportion now.

Anyway, past that; since then, and since browsing on WBB, I learned the error of my ways, and here comes my question: I'm still not light enough to go on a bulk yet- I want to continue cutting for another thirty or forty pounds. However, would it be smart to go straight into a good cut, effectively raising my caloric intake a good 1,200+ calories, or should I slowly work up to it? I realize that it's generally good to work into a caloric deficit, but is it essential to do so for an increase? I really don't want to lose any more LBM- since I've realized that what I was doing was completely wrong, I want to get on a good diet ASAP.