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Thread: Is Nasser finished?

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    but not that small either
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    Is Nasser finished?

    He placed 9th, which is his worse placing in a long time, do you think it's time for him to pack it in? I'm a big fan of Nasser El Sonbaty, I think he's got an incredible build, and this year he didn't come in as shredded as he could have been. I hope he continues to compete, but he should work on his aesthetics a little more. I've met Nasser once, and I felt like I was next to a truck. He told me he was 310 lbs., me and my friend were in awe, the man is massive!

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    i don't think he's done but i should work on his flaw but i don't think nasser can win the olympia now
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    I don't think he is. This low placing is gonna make him work much harder.... I agree...he wasn't in his best shape. His abs coulda been much better.....

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