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Thread: Squats vs. Hack Squats vs. Deadlift

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    Squats vs. Hack Squats vs. Deadlift

    After all I've read here, I've been trying to do regular
    squats. I'm not very flexible (also I'm 51), and I
    found I have to keep my feet very wide to get down
    even to parellel (thighs to floor) (using the Paul Stagg
    recommedation on how to find your squat form - arms
    out in front, no weights, sit back, experiment).

    Anyway, every time I try to work hard with squats I tweak
    my hamstring (right one) and set myself back. I
    can't seem to do that
    exercise, and want to substitute another compound
    leg/back exercise.

    Any real difference between squats and hack squats, as
    far as how they work those muscles? How about deads
    (which I already do)? They look to work the same
    muscles as hack squats with maybe a slightly different

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    Hack squats and deads are not the same thing.

    Hack squats are almost like a regular squat. The ability to go deep (past parallel) and the amount of weight one can use being the major differences. If you were to shift that weight straight up you would now have it on your shoulders, same as in a regular squat. Hacks are actually really good for maintaining your form.

    The traditional deadlift places far more emphasis on the back. A hack squat should have minimal lower back/back involvement, much like a regular squat.

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    You may also want to try front squats which tend to emphsize your quads more!


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