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Thread: Vanessa's journal. Help with good meals and recipes would be great!

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    Vanessa's journal. Help with good meals and recipes would be great!

    Hello, I am currently exercising twice a day. In the mornings I do machine lifting on every machine listed below for a minute straight (1 set). Really low weight, endless reps for the entire minute.

    Incline Press
    Reverse Butterfly (posterior deltoid)
    Lat Pulldown
    Shoulder Press
    Shoulder Raises
    Calve Raises
    Leg Press
    Another Leg Press
    Hip Abductor both ways
    Leg Curls
    Leg Extensions

    I try to do those everyday, 1 minute each.

    Abs I do 3 sets for 1 minute each (55 reps each)
    Lower Back Machine I do twice a week, 1 minute. I've heard the lowerback takes longer to recover.

    I then do 15 minutes of cardio elliptical.

    After this workout I drink a fat burner smoothie, made at our health cafe.

    Later that night I do another 45 minute of cardio (run or elliptical).

    I take a CLA pill & a multivitamin in the morning and a Carnitine pill before each workout.

    If you have suggestions on different routines, please feel free to suggest something. I really want suggestions on meals, because chicken breasts are getting so boring!


    Sept: 15, 2004 Meals:

    Breakfast: 3 egg (90 calories/30 each) whites, 2 slices wheat bread (180 calories/90 each), & yogurt (100 calories, fat free)
    Total Cal: 370

    Lunch: Small fat burner shake.
    Total Cal: 120

    Dinner: Chicken Breast chopped up (90 calories)
    Total Cal: 90

    Snack: Yogurt (100), and slice of bread (90)
    Total Cal: 190

    Daily Cal: 770


    Elliptical 15 minute workout: Calories lost: 175
    Elliptical 45 minute workout: Calories lost: 600

    *estimate Machine workout: Calories lost: 250


    *1650 (x 12)
    Total calories lost: 2675


    Anyone know about how many calories are lost in a 20 exercise machine workout, 1 minute per machine? Also, can someone give me an estimate on how many calories you burn a day without exercising, so I can keep track of my intake more accurately?

    *edited after lep's help.
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