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Thread: Time off = Motivation

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    Time off = Motivation

    I'm at the end of a two week time off (partially due to a cold I'm fighting, partially because I've not taken any time off since June) and let me tell you I'm screaming to get back to the Gym.

    Not only does the getting "soft" drive me nuts, but i'm bored. All of a sudden I have this extra time after work, with nothing to do.
    And TV sucks at that time of day.

    So, here's my advice if your workouts are dragging... go ahead and stop for a week, maybe two. And when you go back you'll be ready to kick some A$$.

    Of course, you will all get to hear about how sore I am on Monday
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    Ya; I'm in your shoes as well. Tryed to workout on Monday, but it just wasn't there. So I left and am taking a week off.

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    See, I'm already set to tear things apart on my three rest days a week. I don't think the world would be ready for me to take a week off.
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    I never lose my drive.
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    For me its the opposite. I find that if i take a week off im less motivatied to get goin again. But regardless, i find the benefits of takina a week or two off far outweighs the drawback. i find after taking some time off i become solid and when i get back to the gym my lifts go up..

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    I have a friend who is a good bodybuilder but if he misses a day he says he is in trouble. So his secret is working out everyday or almost everyday. I know he takes a day off when he wants it. He stays motivated by acting. Many people just don't act upon what they want. Especially in bodybuilding where many say working out a couple of days in a row leads to overtraining.

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    I definately take a week off, or at least 3/4 of a week off, every 8 weeks. One week has never caused me to gain a pound or lose muscle, and the renewed vigor I feel is outstanding. Usually it coincides with starting a new training split too, which doubles up on the internal fire.
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    time off increase my motivation for sure
    upper chest freak

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    how often do you recommend taking a week off?
    ive heard from every month to every 3 months

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    i take it easy...(not necessarily off) one week a month.....but unless i'm seriously overtraining and my joints hurt or i'm feeling like garbage, i don't skip. (or i'm on vacation or something)
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    I just got back at it after taking a... um... a 16 month break from cardio. I hate cardio. It feels good to be back on the ice but I've needed to cut way back on my lifting. I don't like that. Stupid body... not recovering fast enough. What's the deal?
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