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Thread: I guess it's time I actually took track of this stuff

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    I guess it's time I actually took track of this stuff

    Hey all, my name's Johnny, been lifting seriously for about two months now. I weighed 290 lbs. at the start of this year, and on May 3rd I started taking my health seriously. Since then I've lost about 55 lbs., and in total I've lost around 90, with the most I've ever weighed being 325 when I was a freshman entering into high school.

    I don't have any before pics (that I'm willing to post, at least) but from here on I'll document my progress in pictures as I get smaller, then bigger, in the gym.

    I'm 20 years old, 6' tall, and currently weigh 235. My goals are to get down to around 200 or so, then try to gain some more muscle.

    I've been lifting for about two months now, and right now I'm at the end of a two week forced break. Here's some background on what I've been doing and what I'm going to be doing:

    And finally, here's the pics:


    I'll update in about two months to show my weightloss progress.
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