This is long...sorry

OK...I just started my diet on the 1st of September, and working out about a week and a half ago. I live in Japan where drinking is part of the culture. I have to go out sometimes and drink even though I don't want to, otherwise I compromise my business. I have been able to keep OFF the alcohol but HAD to drink today. Is this gonna really impair my weight loss (September 1st I was at 304lbs) I drank 3 cans worth of beer along with a couple diet cola and vodka drinks. It's only like once MAYBE twice a week where I have to drink. My clients know that I am trying to lose weight and they support me, BUT when they get drunk, they want me drunk.

Question 1: SO...knowing all this, am I in trouble!? On these days I can stick to HIGH protein...or is there something else I can do.

Question 2: There is a Chinese alcohol called Shouchu that EVERYONE in Japan says is healthy...does anyone know this. I know it, and drank it many many times. Is it healthy!? Can you recommend the healthiest alcohol??

Question 3: I was told that I can eat my "craves" food once a week? Is this true?? And if so, should I save these days for drinking!?

I hate to sound like an alcoholic, but in Japan, it REALLY is part of the culture that you can't escape. If I say no to a drink, it's the same as throwing it in there face. Anyway, sorry to go on like this, the beer is still in me!!