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Thread: Disc Herniation Questions.

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    Disc Herniation Questions.


    Back in July I had injured my back by hitting bad form coming down on dead lifts. I took a few weeks off from lifting, saw my orthopedic doctor, and he said that it seemed like a torn muscle because the X-Rays came back looking good, and I didn't have any symptoms typical of herniated disc (shooting pain in legs, that sorta thing). He put me on some muscle relaxers, and a steroid for about a week or so. By the middle of August, everything seemed A-OK, went in for my follow up, he said I could begin lifting again (but stay light, which I have done since), and sent me on my way.

    Well towards the end of August, I started getting the same pain I was experiencing before things had went away. Basically a real tense tight feeling in my lower back after being on my feet for an extended period of time. Kind of like a pressure feeling on the center of my lower back. Went back to the doc, he sent me in for an MRI, and I just got the reports back. Now I'm a bit bummed.

    I was wondering if anyone here who's either had similar experience, or is knowledgable in this sort of thing could give me some comments on how this MRI report looks, and how severe this really is. I can bend over fine, I have been lifting, running, the only time I experience discomfort is after being on my feet for more than a couple hours. Then the pressure kicks in. Anyways.. here's what the report had to say:

    The L5-S1 is desiccated. A mid and left parasagittal nerve root impinging disc herniation is appreciated. The ZA Joints and posterior elements are otherwise normal. There is no spondylolysis and/or spondylolisthesis appreciated.

    I have a follow up on Friday with my orthopedic doctor to go over these results, and I'm sure he'll be able to help me out some, but I'm anxious about this, and wanted to get as much information as I could. I did some googling around, but most of this stuff is greek to me. I'm mostly interested in learning how severe this is, how long it usually takes for this sort of thing to heal, and how it is usually treated... but most importantly, will I be able to go back to full all out normal lifting again without having to worry about this ?

    Thanks guys. Any input is very appreciated.

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    In time you could potentially be back to full. A chiro may be called for in this case.

    Be glad that you don't have spondylolisthesis.

    Just work with your doctor and don't be stupid about training (i.e. - first day back go for a PR on deadlift).
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