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    poorly shoulder

    My shoulder is sore as F**K!!!!

    It hurts mostly when i lie on a bench and do db flys... As you can guess ive stopped....

    This happened last monday on my chest day i was on incline smith doing my bench press. i think i wasnt in the right groove for benching and somehow ive maybe torn my muscle in my left shoulder....

    Thursday came and i did abs plus pressups and my shoulder was sore still!!!

    So ive decided this week is off and im resting it and slammin ice on it...

    Is that what it sounds like ive done? torn it... and has any1 ever done it before??

    always hurting myself

    oh and ps im not benching on smith no more im going to use free bench as i find it much easier on there....

    also ... when i do db presses my left shoulder (the poorly one) seems to give up before my chest and right arm.. .any ideaS :S

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    Hey Kirman,

    Don't know how much this will help...

    I had something similar a while back, though it was a progressive thing rather than a sudden "tear". And like you, I couldn't do db flyes, they were the worst. I went for chiro a couple times and ended up giving that up (I was also doing chiro for tennis elbow and had to pick one or the other to treat). But they did suggest a couple exercises which I did and they seemed to help. They use those resistance bands but I did something similar lying on a bench - take a dumbbell in your left hand, lie on the bench on your right side, keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle, and just move the dumbbell up keeping your elbow pinned to your side (the shoulder only rotates). Do the same lying on the bench on your left side, bringing the weight up to your chest.

    They never really told me what my problem was but based on the exercise, it sounds like it involved the rotator cuff (lots of shoulder problems do). Give this a try (ice it afterwards so you don't wake up in a whole lotta pain), give it a couple weeks (it ain't gonna heal in a day), and hopefully it helps.

    Good luck!


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