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Thread: hang-cleans and power-cleans

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    hang-cleans and power-cleans

    Can somebody explain what these are? Thanks.

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    power clean:
    1. start as if u where doing a deadlifts.
    2.speed is am must in this move so do like a speed deadlifts when u get good momentimum(Sp) , upright the weight.
    3. when speeding the bar high over say your trap area(very high upright row, tuck your elbows in as fast as u can so u "catch" the weight at shoulder level.
    4. right now u should look like your about to do a push press.
    and then back down.

    hang and clean:
    same as above but start with the weight hanging likeat a top of a deadlift and do the same movement as clean from there.

    power clean and press:
    same as power clean but at step 4 u do the push press in a quick fashion

    these are olympic lifts.

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    Clean and press is an olympic lift. The bar is lifted deadlift style explosively to a press position, then pressed overhead. Its hard to explain.

    A powerclean is just the first part of the movement done with the bar resting on safety bars in a power rack.

    A hang clean is a clean done from the bar hanging from your arms.

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    Check out this site:

    Make sure you check out his other pages as well, there is plenty of info on OL (Olympic Lifting) and PL (Power Lifting). Its a great site that places LOTS of concentration of FORM. PL & OL can be VERY dangerous if done incorrectly.

    If you are really into PL & OL (has some other usefull articles as well) give this site a look see:

    Hope this helps
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