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Thread: Loosing weight?

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    Loosing weight?

    I'm trying too loose weight and I want to ask if adding oats to my shake will slow the process down because of the carbs. I will make them for lunch at times. My recipe is:

    8oz of Soy milk or skim
    1/2 bannana
    1Tbls nappy(PB)
    Scoop whey Protien
    1/2cup of oats(27carbs)
    few ice cubes.

    It tastes very good too me. I just began the Protien shakes and they are good. I'm just trying too loose weight and gain muscle as I work out.
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    You cant lose weight AND gain muscle mass at the same time, the body needs excess calories to pack on muscle tissue and it needs a calorie deficit to lose bodyfat.


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