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Thread: potential gains of a casual lifter vs gym rat

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    potential gains of a casual lifter vs gym rat

    I was discussing with a friend on the merits of going to the gym (lifting in particular) on a regular basis, say 3-4 times a week, vs someone who goes once or twice a week.
    Would the casual lifter reach the same potential ceiling as the gym rat, or perhaps there is some physical merits and benefits for lifting on a regular basis (greater potential/higher gains)? Or perhaps the gym rat would hit their genetic ceiling first, and the casual lifter reach it much later on?

    I'll try to clarify what I'm getting at if there is some confusion

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    It would be different for each person. Some will see better gains from less frequent training. Sometimes less is more.

    I tend to think the "gym rat" mentality is counter-productive, because those types have a psychological compulsion to keep hitting the gym all the time instead of listening to their body. I know guys like this. They've even admitted that their overtraining may be slowing their progress, but they can't stop. That's an addiction.

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    gym rats will make much better gains than the casual lifter.
    a casual user will not get there potential.

    that is why when we discuss what you have to become a champ. we always state determination as a factor. look at people like arnold. he was very determined to reach his goals.
    my exprience - joined gym 10 years ago, 6 1/2 years hard weight training exprience.


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