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Thread: take more protein than carbs????

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    when bulking up trying to keep fat to as little as possible,
    is it better to keep say 50% protein 40%carbs 10%fat
    would like to hear wot you think.


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    well you need more fat for a start.

    why not go for a 40/40/20 percentage ratio.

    when bulking you need to eat more calories over your BMR. Just make sure you don't eat a ridiculus amount of calories over this amount.
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    If you skimp on the carbs you won't grow. Thats plain and simple. Myself I think more carbs than protein is a good idea. Bulking I'd say anywhere from 2-2.5 g of carbs per lb. of bodyweight. Hope this helps some.

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    Definitely not enough fats! Most likely not enough carbs and if your calories are high, probably too much protein.
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    What are you currently eating for a breakdown?

    I would have to agree with everyone here, that you are going to need a touch more carbs and fats to have a
    honest bulking phase.

    I would before you start, really take a look at your current condition, and where you want to be a month from now, and figure out exactly what you are eating, then build from there.
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