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Thread: Poll For everyone to partake in...

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    Poll For everyone to partake in...

    How long did it take you to change your body into what is it today (assuming today you are at your ideal body definition).

    I am not at the level where I can say I am finished remaking over my body, but I have seen extreme changes since June. Hopefully if I continue my pace and dedication, then my ideal will be reached around spring time.

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    I'm a cali kid
    I haven't been working out for that long now. I've been working out about 5 weeks. I'm definitely seeing changes though (mainly the chest and biceps). Hopefully others will start to develop too. Or maybe I need to switch up the program a bit.
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    I started training when I was nineteen and 150 lbs . when I was 22 I was 230 lbs and stopped for 12 years , I started again and am trying to get where I want ... I never seem to get there .
    Give me your broken , give me your beaten ... I will build them up , I will lead them ... to the threshhold . Make you stronger , make you believe .

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    I guess you can call this my workout timeline? haha..

    High School

    2000-20001 (freshman year)

    14 yrs old, 110lbs I was a freakin of the smallest in my school (literally)..I was scared. Sadly..i only did dips..everytime i worked out...

    2001-2002 (sophmore year)

    120-125lbs..started eating more..kept on doing dips..introduced myself to bench press. (But didn't do it taht much) Still Skinny! Summer time..i ate a lot of food. ALOT.

    2002-2003..(Junior Year)

    135-145lbs (don't remember)..Over the summer I had hella time. It was either SAT studies or workout. I got stronger. I actually "went around" the gym. I explored the room lol. I introduced myself to other machines. Gains began to be more Noticeable a lil.

    2003-2004 (Senior Year)

    145lb (stayed at that weight throughout the whole school year). I toned myself up more.. Girls began noticing(sP?) I tried to gain weight..but still stayed at 145. I wasn't considered small anymore (very good thing).

    2004-.... (Freshman in College)

    I haven't weighed myself..but damn..i kno i gained atleast 5lbs.. I"m literally eating a feast everyday. Trying to workout as much as I can. I'm guessing 150-155lbs?

    It's not that much of an improvement considered I have had 4 years to workout and stuff. I had a lot of "on and off" times. OVerall..i'm pretty happy I've turned myself into a "bigger" guy compared to when I was a freshman in high school. I think the greatest accomplishment was gaining all that weight (hopefully it was muscle) between Sophmore and Junior year. But...yea I still think i'm sexy ahha jp.

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    At the start of high school in 1996 I was around 220 pounds and fat. Never worked out. Just played bball. I lost tons of weight somehow without really trying.

    I started lifting in January 2003. I was 5'11 150. Pretty damn skinny and not toned much at all.

    Today I am 22 @ 5'11 183-185 and I'm considered a pretty big guy. My BF% is probably between 13-15% but I havent measured in a while. I am pretty damn toned (no visible abs right now) and mostley muscle. I am happy with my body and some days I'm proud of my progress in the last 1.5+ years and other days I feel I should look better by now.

    I will not be happy until I'm at least 220 with a BF% of 12% of lower.

    Ultimate goal is to be as big as I can possibly be natural.

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    I've been doing a 3 day split beer drinking routine (kebabs etc once a week), for roughly 11 years. My beer belly still isnt as big as I'd like.

    Seriously though, I'll probably never get to my ideal. Too much sacrifice. But since April I am stronger, my muscles have bulges and I'm happy with my progress and the compliments I've had. I'm hoping that after a few years of muscle building, my metabolism will catch up to my kebab and beer habits and I'll drop BF% easier.

    As for your extreme changes since June, I hope you can keep it up, things will probably slow down, and need more dedication to the bulk and cut.
    Age 29 | Height: 5'11 | Weight: 176 lbs (a while ago) | Weight: 180 lbs (2-Nov-05) | Weight: 181 lbs (8-Nov-05)

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    I've been working out for 6 years, and though there's only a 20 pound difference in weight from then to now (180lb. vs. 200lb.), there's a difference of almost 12-13%bf, and my bench went up from 150lbs. to 425lbs, my squat is somewhere in the 450lb range (a bad back has prevented me from finding out for sure), and deadlift is up to somewhere in the 500+ range (same back problem). I started working out at 18 and I'm 24 now.
    If you're not lifting hard, you're taking up space.
    Get the f$*# out.

    24 years old
    205lbs. ->212lbs. as of 10.22.04 -> 219lbs. as of 12.10.04
    10% bf ->11% -> 12%
    46 1/2" chest ->47" -> 48"
    17 1/2" arms ->17 3/4" -> 18"
    32" waist ->same -> 33"
    26" quads -> 27 1/2" -> 28 1/2"
    17" calves -> 17 3/4" -> 18"

    (I'm still working on these as of 12.13.04)

    425lbs. bench
    515+lbs. deadlift

    updated 10.14.04, and again on 12.13.04

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    2000 - Age 20, 123 pounds, 13-14%? body fat (5'7"), became intersted in weights
    2004 - Age 24, 142 pounds, 9% bf (5'7"), lifting 4-6 days/week, lovin' it.

    Put on roughly 6 lbs lean mass in last 10 weeks, roughly.

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    IRN-BRU - Yea I have noticed that my gains have slowed down.
    I have not done a cut yet (well actually ever) as I am still not at the weight I want to be (165 muscle, or 175 before cut then 165)

    Im actually getting a bit dissappoint that my Chest is the only problem I am having and it is just not getting bigger. But truth be told it have gotten a lot bigger since it was in june. I have just slowed at my progress


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