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Thread: Routines 1,2, and 3 set question

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    Routines 1,2, and 3 set question

    Hi I have been working out years. Tried everything some with success. Mylatest trend was Mike Menzter ands HIT. I enjoyed hit actually. But going back to basics now. Quesiton is on the sets. I notice the routines mention 2 sets usually.

    Is this normal? Should I be doing 3 sets? Or will it make no difference?

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    When the routines say 2 sets, it means 2 working sets, excluding any lighter warmup sets you may do for a given exercise.
    There are always questions regarding how many sets is enough. There isn't a magic number, since the ideal number varies depending on each individual's training history and recuperative ability. These routines tend to err on the conservative side, which is best if you do not already know how many sets your body can handle.
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