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Thread: Overheating

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    Anyone ever work so hard on an exercise that it takes a lot longer than 2-3 minutes to recover? This only happens to me on squats. It's pretty much like my body overheats and can't settle down. I get really hot and start sweatin like crazy, sometimes get nauseated, and my heart rate takes about 3-4 minutes to normalize. Is this normal? Should I just not do so many reps on my squats? I'm open to ideas...see below for my squat schedule.
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    i usually warm up with about 12 reps of 135 then go from there 20 seems like a lot of reps i dont think that should cause you to overheat though. Maybe drink more water and control your breathing inhale down exhale up sometimes i hold my breath and i feel a little light headed after a set that might be it, try not to hold your breath.

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    It means you're working your ass off. Good job.
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    Drink plenty of cool water. Not enough that you puke, but plenty, in between sets and get enough rest.

    Most importantly, hydrate well before you lift.
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