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Thread: My ankles hurt like hell

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    My ankles hurt like hell

    Everytime after I run for like 15 minutes afterwards (probably... maybe even more) my ankles and calfs hurt like hell. Is this from my shoes? I used to run on tredmill before and my legs never did that. I started running on foot (I've got a huge hill in front of my house thats just begging to be concoured everyday or just around the block if I'm not in the right mood). Ever since I started on foot my ankles hurt like hell, even now that I'm back on the tredmill. I used to run a lot a few years ago when I was a kid and I've never had this problem (and never had very good shoes for running, mostly skateboard shoes). My shoes now are pretty beat up. Do I need running shoes? what kind should I get? Are there special shock obsorbing shoes... I'm kinda new to this lol, I've ran a lot in my life but I guess cuz I'm heavier now it takes it's toll on my ankles.
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