I NEED to get cut, at the moment i look like a sack of sheat with a big neck, ok arms and man-boobs. I've tried cutting many times before but always lose motivation when the weight-loss stops as so many peopel have done before. NO MORE, i've just started college (Communication studies, Media studies, English language and literature) which is close-ish to my usual gym (15 minutes walk) and i get to use the fitness suite at the swimming baths around the corner for free as i'm now a good-for-nothing student! My goals always been to get to 190 from 231Ibs and to bulk cleanly from there (one day i WILL look like Batista, you'll see), i'm ordering some bodyfat scales tonight and am even going to the extreme of buying cool clothes that are too small for me, so i will have to lose weight to fit in them, either that or i'll just have some nice clothes living in my wardrobe forever!
Went to the gym yesterday for a back/bi/trap day...but didnt get round to doing deads or traps because of a wrist and foot injury incurred from the punch bag (such a fool!) which has taught me to never box halfway through a workout.
Machine row WARMUP 30Kg x 15 (Could have done more but hey, it's only a warmup)
Set 1 45Kg x 12 (Could have done more, never used this machine before)
Set 2 55Kg x 12 (Again need to increase)
Set 3 65Kg x 10 (Easy, need to increase next week)
Underhand cable row Set 1 100Ibs x 10
Set 2 110Ibs x 8
Set 3 120Ibs x 6 (Cant really feel these working the back, but they must be, they dont work anything else!)
Seated lever row Set 1 50Kg x 15
Set 2 80Kg x 12
Set 3 100Kg x 5+1 cheat rep (Need to increase with lower weights next week but start with a higher one)
Barbell curl Set 1 24Kg x 10
Set 2 28Kg x 4 (Too much weight increase)
Set3 26Kg x 6
Preacher curls Set 1 20Kg x 5 (Again never done these, need to start lower)
Set 2 15Kg x 7.5
Set 3 17Kg x 3.5 (Eugh, the pain!)
15 Minutes boxcersise....WRIST INJURY!!!

Awful workout, havent been in a while, basically just me figuring out what weights i'm at.