After looking at others routines, I think I may be working certain muscle groups too often, although I don't feel like I am so far. Let me know what you think.

I'll start by saying I started lifting 6 weeks ago and my goal is too put as much muscle mass on as possible. Right now I am 5"10 and 186 lbs. I am probably 10-15lbs. over my ideal body weight but not overly concerned with excess fat at the moment. My natural body type is endomorphic (I put on fat very easily).

Sit-ups 4x20, Dumbell flys 4 x 8, Flat bench 4 x 8, Barbell rows 4 x 10, One arm rows 4 x 10, Shoulder press 4 x 8, Upright rows 4 x 10
Leg raises on bench 4 x 15-20, Squats 4 x 12, Leg curls 4 x10, narrow grip bench 4 x 8, skull crushers 4 x 8, barbell curls 4 x 8, seated dumbell curls 4 x 8, wrist curls 3 x 20
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - repeat sunday workout
Thurs- repeat monday
Fri and Sat - Rest

I'm thinking my triceps and biceps may be recieving too much attention because they, directly or indirectly, are being worked two days in a row.

Think workout is pretty similar to the beginner program in Arnold's massive book, but he says do it 6 days a week with one rest day.

I honestly don't know what to think anymore, some ppl seem to think less is more, others think you have to be working really often and hard.