Well, I have finally put aside the ego, and have learned that my best friend is the incline and decline press How the heck am I supposed to be able to bench 225 if I never focus on anything but bench press itself?

Incline gets the chest much better than bench. My tris are fine. So now incline comes first and decline second in my workout. I might do a few dumbbell bench presses here and there, but until I strengthen my chest to the point where I can bench 225 I don't plan on hitting the barbell bench.

Just for reference for you guys, today I performed close grip bench press and was able to pull 145x5. My bench press hovers are 165lbs. You guys see a problem there? I sure do. My chest is lagging. My inline press is rougly 125lbs, and I struggle with 135lbs, maybe 3 reps. Decline press I do 185 about 4 times.

So anyways, just some food for thought for you guys wanting to increase your bench to be repping the magical 225 (at least in my view )