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Thread: computer problems; Fan

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    computer problems; Fan

    I want to install a fan system but i'm not sure how to do about this. I would give to my technician but its too muchj of a hassle to drive for an hour with a computer. I've done this so far: installed an exhaust fan, where it should go. BUt, could i do this? Take that exhaust fan and install it at the buttom of the case, blowing air through the computer and the motherboard, coming out the other end. Will this make a difference or is this a waste of a fan. I was going to put another fan at the bottom with the exhaust fan but i have no clue where i would plug in another fan, because i've already have used the chassis plug.
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    I use three fans in my computer. One in front blowing inward, one in back blowing outward and one on the side blowing inward at the CPU. In terms of plugging it in, If your motherboard doesnt have any more power ports for it sometimes fans will hook up to the same style plug as your hard drives and cd roms use for power. Just make sure you don;t point all your fans in or all your fans out, imagine creating circulation. sorry i couldn't be of much help. Also if you still have the manual for your motherboard... It should have a diagram with component location... It will tell you where all your fan plug ins are.
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    What is the problem? If it is overheating then you should look to a better heatsink. I like volcano 12 myself.


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