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Thread: Whole body workouts

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    Whole body workouts

    What do you guys think of whole body (or close to it) workouts. For instance, 1 heavy set of bench press, military press, butterfly, squat, overhead extensions, and EZ bar curls. And then the next day back and legs.

    What kind of results do these usually bring? I think Dorian Yates trained something like this. Just curious.
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    burns a lotta fat.. boosts metabolism..

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    any other thoughts?

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    I do them right now for my cut cycle. I do 6 sets of each bodypart Monday and Tuesday.

    So, for instance here's a sample workout:

    Squats 3x15
    Leg Curl 3x15
    Flat BB Bench 3x15
    Pulldowns 3x15
    DB Side Raises 3x15
    Calf Raises 4x15
    DB Curls ss w/ DB Hammer Curls 3x15 ( ss = superset)
    Cable Pushdowns ss w/ Standing Tricep Extension w/cambered bar 3x15

    Leg Extension 3x15
    St. Leg Dead 3x15
    Incline Hammer Strength Machine 3x15
    Cable Low Pulls 3x15
    Arnold Press 3x15
    Standing Calf Raises 4x15
    Cable Curls w/Straight Bar ss w/ BB Curls 3x15
    Rope Pushdowns ss w/ Close Grip Pushups 3x15

    60 seconds between sets and you'll be crushed.

    I do that monday and tuesday, then Thursday I go a little heavier with about 4 sets per bodypart. Then Saturday I go super heavy with 3 sets per bodypart. I also warm up on the first circuit around for about 2-3 sets on each bodypart to get nice and warmed up and the blood flowing.

    Full bodyworkouts take alot out of you though. And they aren't quite as easy as you think. I do roughly 60-70% of my maxes for the 3 sets of 15.


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