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Thread: My chocolate nitrean is about to run out and......

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    My chocolate nitrean is about to run out and......

    I will not be buying it.. Instead.. I will be buying the vanilla flavor...then another chocolate one..

    I mix mine with milk..and it is good good good. Until someone else creates a protein mix that also produces a stickin with At Large..
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    Lol, thanks Jan!

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    this post makes me was really funny because my roomate buys this real expensive **** that is supposed to bethe best tasting...i told him to try some of mine, he took a whif of the powder and was like arg that smells like ****, im like dude it tastes a lot diff

    so i mix him some up with milk, he tastes it and gives me a big smile....dont think hell be buying the expensive **** anymore...i think i got you a new customer too


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