ok im guessing most of u know what health issues im going through, what drugs i take, and what diet im on. the question i have is what should i do when post workout meal comes along?should i stick to my protein and fat or make a carb shake(that ill tell u laterin the post)? the reason is i want to make everything perfect , my diet is going good now and i feel like this is a way i can eat and feel confortable in eating these foods without calling it a diet. now if i dont have a post workout "carbs" wouldnt i lose that much more muslce in the long run? i know my main goal right now is losing weigh(in the form of fat and some water) but sence im diabetic wouldnt having more muslce or keeping more muscle help me in the long run with insulin resistance? or would keeping to al'a atkins be better? could that carbs do me bad or because its post workout it would do nothing but good?

this is the meal im plaining to add in i do add a post workout shake:

50g protein from whey protein isolate
40g carbs from grape juice
10g creatine
10g glutamine
400mg ALA

what do you guys think would be my best choice?