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Thread: AtLarge signs 2 top level athletes!

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    AtLarge signs 2 top level athletes!

    Hi everyone,,

    Myself and Chris are extremely pleased to announce our affiliation with two outstanding athletes, Brad Cardoza and Terri James!

    Both Brad Cardoza and Terri James are using AtLarge Nutrition products to help them achieve their goals!

    Brad has competed successfully in track and field, powerlifting, and strongman competition. He is a professional strongman in the IFSA (International Federation of Strength Athletes).

    Terri James is a lifetime drug-free female athlete whose accomplishments are mind-boggling! She is also the first female athlete to be sponsored by AtLarge Nutrition, LLC. She is competitive in both Strongwoman and Highland Games contests.

    For more information please see our latest news story on the At Large Nutrition website: AtLarge signs 2 top level athletes

    Alternatively both Brad and Terri have their own sponsor sections on the At Large website:

    Brad Cardoza sponsor page
    Terri James sponsor page
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