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Thread: Form on shoulder press

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    Form on shoulder press

    OK, today I splashed out on a simple bar and some plates. When doing the shoulder press though, my face gets in the way of the bar, so I have to lean my head back slightly. Is there a more form-correct way of doings this?

    So far I've done the following exercises with the bar:
    upright row, 7 x 88lbs
    shoulder press, 5 x 66lbs
    bicep curl, 1 x 88lbs

    I'm currently trying to lose weight, and so won't be gaining much muscle, so should I focus on more low-rep work, or a high-rep body-building type routine? Which methods would bring the best results?

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    The best way to lose weight is cardio and diet. If you want to incorporate weight lifting into your weight loss program, I would recommend a rep range between 8 and 12 reps with no more than 90 seconds between sets with 60 seconds being optimum.

    When I perform shoulder press, I have to move my head back to the rear slightly.
    What am I on?
    My back for the bench press.
    My feet for the squat.
    What are you on?

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    Well, I want to preserve as much muscle as possible, so I have to do the weight lifting. Are you sure about the high reps? With my dumbells I found I got faster progress with lower reps, I got my one-armed row from 55lbs to 103lbs doing 3-5 reps in the same time that other lifts at 8-10 didn't improve at all.

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    I'm glad to hear you got some weights. Yes, you should keep your back as straight as possible and tilt your head back for the presses. I usually look up at the ceiling. Also, make sure your feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width. Get a nice base so you can focus on your shoulders.
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    I do standing military presses and I was wondering...when I stand, I plant my left foot, then the right slightly back so I am more stable. Would I have to switch feet position to build the muscles "evenly" or does it have a negligible difference?


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