im 13 and for the past year all i am thinking about is bodybuilding and my diet
from when i wake up in the morning , at school, when i come home, and i even dream about it. I have cut off everything else in my life the only time i talk 2 my friens is at school . Now i am starting to get more and more agitated when people ask me if i want candy and things at school . I even knoked out one of my buds because he kept telling me to try the cake at the party we were having. The biggest problem 4 me is i havent been thinking about girls at all yes im serious . I used 2 be a mack now i ignore all the girls that talk 2 me because im either mentally pumping up for my next session atr the gym or deciding what im going 2 cook .I think i might need serious help any 1 got suggestions plz i rly need them