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    Wanna Be 1337 Scary

    Got into weight lifting in early 1998 with a buddy of mine. Didn't lift very serious and definitely made little gains. Didn't pick up a weight really again until late 1999. I was finally sick of being a 5'7", 123 lb weekling. Bought a book that worked on a concept called 'micro-periodization'. Basically this was periodization done in about 1 week. Did this program on and off for about 2 years (on for about 6 weeks and off for about 2-3 weeks). I never really made great gains due to the overtraining the program delivered (I couldn't stick with it...burned me out). Tried out a few other programs dealing with low volume/high intensity and experimental routines of my own. Nothing really prevailed or stuck. Always went back to what I really started with, which was the micro-periodization program. Finally in July, 2004 I became very interested in body building.

    I trained on the micro-periodization routine for about 8 straight weeks with small gains. Fed up, I went out and bought 2 books by Schwarzennegger. Read them both in about 1 week. Begain Arnold's routine for beginners. I liked it a lot. After about 1 week, I modified some things to my liking and started studying and becoming very interested in all the muscles of the body. I've been going all out with Arnold's routine for roughly 5 weeks now. I love it and have made great gains so far. Modified my diet somewhat also and this too has helped. I've gained roughly 3 pounds of lean mass in the last 5 weeks, which is pretty good for me. I study my own muscles constantly and like learning what muscles are worked on each new exercise.

    Currently I weigh 144 lbs at about 9% BF (caliper tested). My ultimate goals (for now) are the following:

    * Weight: 165 lbs at 9-10% BF
    * Arms and calves: 18" (flexed)
    * Bench Press: 285 lbs (4 reps)
    * BB Bent Row: 225 lbs (4 reps)
    * Squat: 315 (4 reps)
    * Mil Press: 185 (4 reps)
    * BB Curl: 135 (4 reps)

    In my journal I want to post my routines, poundage, measurements, growth and feelings. I'm open to any feedback, good or bad and am always available to help out those in need. I will begin posting my routines, etc. tomorrow. Note that this is about 5 weeks into my current program, so I'm already seeing results.
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