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Thread: Yet Another "Check out this Split" Post.

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    Yet Another "Check out this Split" Post.

    A little about me in way of a refresher: I've been working out off and on for two years. For the past five months, I've been on. I haven't missed a week or even a single day, I've seen significant gains while maintaining a very lean frame. I'm nearly 6'3", and I weigh about 185 (I'm ballparking it, because I've been at school for five weeks without a scale). My weight is not a good indicator, because my left leg is probably ten pounds underweight due to a significant childhood accident. I was between 160 and 165 before I began lifting.

    I don't want to be big, I want to be huge. I want 25 pounds without gear, which seems like a long, hard struggle with my tall frame. I've been on a split similar to the WBB routines for a few months, and it's gone well. But I've plateaued somewhat and I'm bored. Here's what I'm toying around with now:

    Assume most exercises have two warmup sets, roughly 30% of max and 60% of max. Further, I normally do 3 sets of 8 reps -- but this isn't set in stone for me. I don't shoot myself if I can't do 3 sets of 8 pullups, for instance. Also, I may do more sets of squats on my leg day.

    Monday: Legs

    Leg press
    Donkey calve press
    Leg Extension

    Tuesday: Chest

    BB Bench press
    DB flies
    Weighted dips
    Decline Bench press
    Pec Deck

    Wednesday: Back

    Bentover Rows
    Lat pulldowns
    Closegrip pullups
    Seated pullyrows

    Thursday: Shoulders/Legs

    Military press
    Lat raises
    Arnold press
    Donkey calve
    Leg extensions

    Friday: Biceps/Triceps

    DB curls
    BB curls
    DB skullcrushers
    Closegrip pullups
    Tricep pressdowns

    Saturday and Sunday off.

    What do we think? I think there's a good balance there, and that I wouldn't be overtraining. Deads are absent right now because (a) I don't have a belt and (b) I injured myself rather badly two weeks before school when trying to do them. If I get a belt for Christmas (and therefore some confidence) I'll begin doing them again.

    I realize there's a plethora of "check out this split" posts, but -- hell -- check out this split.



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    I think you should do some leg curls for the hamstrings.
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