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My memory was correct.

"Has anyone ever seen Will Brink? The guy is a chubby little man who doesn't look like he trains or has any clue about nutrition.

When someone is supposed to be a guru they had better practice what they preach or I have a very hard time buying into their ideas (assuming they are able to practice it---i.e. not physically handicapped etc.). I might otherwise assume the lack of drive which allows themselves to look like a slob (if they are a fitness guy or gal) might just translate into their work and thus their work might be the result of a haphazard work ethic.

My 2 cents."

Anyway, the only reason I am posting is I want my post total to go up, LOL.
Please note my qualifying words "a very hard time" as opposed to I cannot possibly believe their ideas.

If a squid states something which makes sense to me, backs up my personal experience, or is readily agreed upon in the arena upon which they are commenting then I will probably agree with it and wonder why said squid cannot practice what they preach.

My specific comment about Brink was really due to a picture I have seen of him with Debbie Kruck (a fitness model) where she dwarfs him in height and his pot-belly is readily evident along with his lack of arm development. This image of him, due to my own issues, makes me truly wonder about the validity of what he says and or why the heck he can't apply it to himself.

Like I said, it is my opinion on the matter and probably one I should have kept to myself because it serves no real purpose other than negativity.