does anyone do endurance training for like sports? it's wrestling season (in hs, i dunno about collegiate), and since Cal doesn't have wrestling, ima do some endurance training and takea break from lifting (i dont' have much time to lift w/ my current schedule anyway) until i can get into an open rasslin' tourney or sth

I have REALLY bad genetics when it comes to endurance (it shouild be genetic since my twin bro has the same problem). my goal is to last, so i won't "gas out," cuz i usually beat ppl by pinning htem in the 1st or second round by strength, but if i wrestle sombody as strong as me, i'll get tired by the 3rd (mostly all my losses are from tiring out on the 3rd). my goal is to use a lot of strength and not gas out within six minutes about. is there a specific routine for endurance (i think i got the strength, but i can't use full strength for the 3 rounds) tha can help me on this?