I've only been reading this forum for a few days and have realized I need a workout change. I've learned a lot from this site already, but have a lot more to learn. Anyways, i'm 22 yrs, 6' 205lbs, bf%(guessing)15-20. for the past year my workout has pretty much been one body part a day(mon-chest, tues-back, wed-shoulders, thurs-bi's & tri's, fri-legs). I'd like to try something new. I was thinking the 'wanna be big' routine or this one that chris mason suggested to ca_richard(but doing legs only once a week):


bench press- 2 sets x 5/10
dips- 2 sets x 10/10
skull crushers- sets x 10/10
squats- 2 sets x 8/15
leg extension- 1 set x 10
leg curl- 1 set x 10
calf raise- 2 sets x 10/10


chins- 2 sets to failure
rows (T-bar or on a machine with a support for the chest)-
2 sets x 6/8
v-bar pulldowns- 1 set x 10
military press- 2 sets x 10/10
straight-bar curl- 2 sets x 8/10
shrugs- 2 sets x 10/10

my cardio is an hour of kickboxing 3-4 days a week. I eat pretty well and putting on weight is not a problem for me. I just want that weight to be mostly muscle. Hopefully i have posted enuff info for you all so you could give me a lil advice. And any criticism is welcomed. Thanx in advance for any advice and keep up the good work everybody!