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Thread: Anyone else out there?

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    Anyone else out there?

    just wondering if there were any others here about my size, 5-10 150 lbs that could help me with there numbers.

    My current diet consists of around 1800-2000 calories, i know this is low, but i was even lower than that for quite a while, so i need to work myself up.

    Ive been trying to spread about 400 cals with a 40/40/20 split p/c/f ratio about 5 times a day, Let me know if you guys have any good input. Id like to start bulking as soon as i can safely get my numbers up.

    Just a little addition if i was unclear, id also like to see what you guys are eating.

    My day usually goes,

    7:00 am
    2 whites/2 whole eggs
    .5 cup oats
    .5 peach

    Big Salad with lots of Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, etc
    About a cup of diced Chicken appx 5 oz or so

    Either cottage Cheese about a cup or
    Yogurt Plain
    Glass of Milk

    5 oz Chicken/Lean Beef
    .5 cup rice
    .5 cup Veggies or
    Big Salad with chicken from lunch

    Whatever i can find thats healthy usually only around 200 cals +
    Glass of milk


    Im Pretty random with my workout times but i usually structure them so that I eat a meal with plenty of Protein/ Carbs within an hour after workout. I do cardio every other day before bed. Usually before the last meal.

    How does that look? Im not a big guy, and ive had such a screwed up diet for so long i dont know whats going to make me fat or not. I should be able to eat just about whatever i want at my age size ( 22/ 150lbs active ) right now but i want to be safe.

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    Eat more and don't worry about getting fat if you are training hard.
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    yup. more calories and protein. why do you do cardio before you go to bed though?

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    i usually do cardio before bed because its more convenient that time, im on a ship and the gym is usually empty around that time. Is it bad to do cardio before sleep?

    If im bulking could i just cut it out all together, i sure hate running . Probobly shouldnt, but just a thought.

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    you're 5'10 150 lbs and cutting??

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    No im not cutting, id like to start bulking but i was in such a low cal diet for so long that i cant just bump up my cals to say 3000 in one or two weeks, im trying to take it slow.

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    hey man. im one inch shorter than you, and three pounds heavier. i'd say were pretty evenly matched. if you wanna bulk, you needa up to about 2900 - 3000 cals, thats what im eating, using the formula found in the diet section. in my first week and a half of that, i noticed DRAMATIC differences. i shot up 3 pounds, and was lifting heavier instantly. i respect your increasing cals slowly, but listen, i didnt do that. i was liike you, eating probly like 2000 cals a day, then one day just shot up to 3000 cals. i felt i was gonna DIE and explode. that feeling only lasted like 3 days, then my body adjusted that quick. you mite wanna give it a shot. you may also wanna try a weight gainer, the GNC brand i use gives me 0 fats, 135 carbs, and 16 grams of protein per scoup. add 2 cups of lowfat milk to make it, and your lookin at a meal of 10g fat, a whopping 159 carbs, and 32g protein. thats 908 cals, almost a third of your dialy required intake. as far as diet, add some beans and potatoes, cereals also in the morning for breakfast in the place of oats pack a decent amount of carbs, specially if u get an oat cereal like cheerios. hope this helps any, also, check your weight at the beginning of the week, then a week later check again, you should gain 1 pound a week at the least. let us know how it goes

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    thanks for the reply, that helps out alot man

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    im 17, 5'11 145-150, 10-13%bf, cardio weights every other day, and i just finished cutting. I found that i could make it on 2200-2300 cal a day for 6 weeks, but now that i am off of cut, i am starving when i go under 2800 so it will easily maintain my weight, so 3000-3300 would probably be bulk phase for my size. That would probably be about right for you or a little less, although you have 5 more years than me. How is it you can make it on 2000 calories?

    You said that you were afraid to raise calories too much after cutting, but i went straight from 2300-2800 pretty much, and haven't noticed much of a difference. I think that our metabolism really kicks up with an increase too ofset any fat gains if we eat 5-6 times a day.

    We have a similar schedule, here's what i like now:
    6:20 Oats/Multigrain oats, fruit, 4 egg whites, 1 cup nonfat milk 500 cal(9 g fiber)
    9:20 Nuts/seeds 390 cal(4-7g fiber)
    11:25 French bread(no ww because it puts me over 50g of fiber), banana or cup of fruit juice or vegtable if possible 520 cal(4-5g fiber)
    1:20 1.5 cups Nonfat yogurt,3 tbsp flaxseeds, fruit 390(6-9g fiber)
    3:45 weights or cardio
    5:10 cup of dry curd, grain(millet, quinoa, rice, pasta, more bread), good fat(olives, acacado, soybeans maybe)posible vegetable or fruit 500(4-8g fiber)
    8:10 250 cal of meat(99 chicken, 99 turkey, tilapia, 98 ham, 96 hamburger, pork chops), 250 cal vegetables, cup of milk 600 cal(15-22g fiber)

    2800-2900 cal 50g fiber 8-14 cups water 28% protein, 28% fat, 44% carbs

    That's off the top of my head.


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