The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Its no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Damn gym 'trainers'

    So I'm at the gym today... first, a bit of background though. I go to my university's 'old' gym, in the basement of the old student rec center. I consider it a somewhat serious place... lots of big boys that lift there.

    Anyway, today was back day. So I go into the other freeweight room where the bumper plates and padded floor are to do deads, but someone is using it for, of all things, stiff leg deadlifts They were taking turns between three of them, so I just grab a bar off the shoulder press station and clear the decline bench out of the way to make space (the gym floor is rubber tiles and the area which I chose has ADDITIONAL rubber padding on top of that). So I do my warmups and then my first work set.

    No sooner than I had finished than one of the 'trainers' approaches me and tells me that I'm being 'too loud' with lowering the weights. I explained how someone else is using the bumper station, and the fact that I have friggin bumper pads on my bar (two bumper plates, and the rest iron)!! In fact, I did drop the weight on my last rep, so I tell him I'll lower it more slowly next set. So he walks away as I rest for the next set.

    Well, I notice that he doesn't actually leave the room, but just props himself against an unused bench station. So I do my next set taking care to lower the weight much more slowly. Of course, 315 pounds is going to make SOME noise when it hits the floor!! And OF COURSE, he comes BACK over after this set and starts to ****ing LECTURE me... I explain to him how the eccentric portion of the deadlift is all but useless, and he interrupts saying something about how if I didn't 'slam the weights' I wouldn't be 'cheating' (implying that I start the next rep while the bar is bouncing - when if he knew anything, he'd have noticed that I actually bother to reset my grip between each rep).

    At this point I'm getting kind of pissed off. I tell him that maybe he'd like to 'show me how it's done.' I also explained how most of the noise is coming from the plates slamming together and NOT the bumpers hitting the ground (the collars the gym has are worthless for deads). So asks me to take off the iron plates and put another pair of bumpers on, to which I reply, 'I only have one more set,' as I put more weight on the bar.

    For the last set, I have 365, and I make sure to DROP the bar between all four of my reps :evillaugh And he comes back over after that set, starts to say something with a perturbed look, but I just look the other way and walk right past him and finish my workout in the other room. Then as I'm leaving, I punch him in the shoulder and ask, 'That last set quiet enough for ya?"

    Never had a problem before in this gym, and I think he was new as I hadn't seen him before. If I encounter problems with him again, I'm going to complain personally to the rec sports office. I cannot be bothered during my workout, darnit
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    Sounds like a nut sack. 315 some heavy weight and it's going to make some noise. You should carry ear plugs and give them to him the next time you see him.
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    Good work.
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    yah cant hear him if you're wearing headphones

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    its a gym, noise is bound to happen. Common sense never hurt anybody.
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    lol, I go to 2 gyms.. One is a pretty hardcore gym and hell they couldn't care less. Always people slamming things about.

    The other one whilst it has a ok free weights section is build over a restaurant area so now and again the restaurant guys comes up and complains the weights are hitting the floor and making noises for the customers.

    Ermm.. how about don't put a deadlift platform over a restaurant then lol....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Nissen
    You should carry ear plugs and give them to him the next time you see him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RussianRocket
    its a gym, noise is bound to happen. Common sense never hurt anybody.
    exactly! i'm a trainer myself but work privately ( homes) trust me when my training partner and i enter the gym there's gonna be some noise going on!
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    Hah! What a **** he is. There are so many other ppl around the world that go in there TO BE loud, TO BE onbnoxious, TO BE plain stupid. And you just want to work out and not bother anybody. Tell him they're the ones to talk to. You don't make any unecessary noise, so ask him if he wants the bar up his anus.
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    Tell him the knitting club's down the corridor.


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