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Thread: My date last night

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    My date last night

    Went ok.

    Picked up my date and went to a sports bar type restaraunt where we could watch the game. I ordered grilled chicken breasts on rice pilaf with steamed veggies on the side and water. Date got a chicken ceasar salad and lemonade. They bring out the food and totally screwed up my order, gave me a chicken sandwich. They offered to recook my original order but I told them we didnt have time since we had to be somewhere by 9:30. Wound up getting my meal for free since they screwed it up. Conversation flowed pretty good, as she likes to talk a lot which helps me out because I tend not to talk too much. We also had silent moments where we just sat there and watched the game since she is really into the world series.

    Showed up at the comedy club and thank god they had my reservations. David Brenner was the headliner and apparently he is not part of the SNL cast, just appeared on SNL once. I was joking with my date that they would stick us up front and the comedian would pick on us. Well when they showed us to our seats, we were right up front in the first row where he could easily pick on us. Opener came out and busted out a few jokes and he was rather funny. Then David Brenner came out and his whole act was about the september 11th events and the terrorits. He was not funny at all and I could tell that ppl in the audience did not appreciatte the topic he was trying to make humerous. I had a few T&T's and a Bud Light and then some water. Date had a few cokes since she didnt bring her ID with her.

    Show ended around 11:30. There wasnt much to do after that since she didnt bring her ID with her. So I wound up taking her home and we raced a few cars on this drag strip on the way to her house, she wanted to see how fast my car would go. Got to her house and all of a sudden things became very awkward. Got outta the car and talked for a little while then I gave her a hug and told her I had a good time and then bolted.

    So in all, the date went good. Next time will be a little more relaxing and not so nervous hopefully
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    uh, she does have ID.. right? hehe...
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    Glad it went well for you G-B.
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    ....ummm G-B....maybe you didn't notice....but Beercan is a guy!

    ......unless you like hot beef injections

    ....and yes it counts no matter how drunk you are

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    G-B-take the Viagra BEFORE you pick her up next time.....Geez do I have to tell you FNG's everything?!
    ====just f*cking with ya Bro! ====The way things are now, if you move too fast on a date she might cap you with pepper spray & have you arrested.......uhhh/ hmm-not that I would know.......
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    sounds good...

    Its always gonna be a bit akward at the end of the night.. Especially as both of you were sobor..

    Sounds like the next date will be more relaxed as you say..

    Good luck!

    BTW has anyone noticed that GB has changed a WHOLE lot recently.. Maybe its just me but your personality and attitude just seems to have changed alot, and for the better I think..

    Don't take that as if there was something wrong before, you just seem more level headed and on the ball..

    Hope I didn't offend you lol


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    STFU Hulk you assfaced fuknuts. (just syaing it before GB) lol

    Good work GB, do you like this girl ? Are ya gonna see here again ?
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    hey g-b! glad it went well. and that you didn't lose it on the waiter for not bringing you the correct order. good job!
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    How did she react when you told her that you're still a virgin, and are waiting for sex until marriage?
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