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Thread: Need comments and or suggestions on new routine/diet

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    Need comments and or suggestions on new routine/diet

    I've been doing wbb1 routine 1 and have been pretty pleased with the results in terms of how my body's been shaping up, but I want to gain some more mass. I've been eating as much as I possibly can, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then usually 2 smaller meals (a sandwich and an apple or some carrots) before bed, I eat dinner at 5. Since is this isn't the diet and nutrition forum, I'll keep my diet's description short, I eat fruit and or vegetables with every meal, I cut out every white grain, only whole grains, and just watch what I eat in terms of main dish (I'm on college so the selection is good, but not incredible.) Anyway, this week, and for the next 8 weeks I am trying to boost up my metabolism even more so I can consume more food, and gain at least 5-10 pounds. My schedule is as follows:

    Sunday: Rest
    Monday: Run 2 miles in in under 15 minutes, 2x crunchs, 2x leg raises, 2x per side on obliques, 3x lower back extensions.
    Tuesday: Run 2 miles in 16+ minutes, 3x bench, 3x leg press, 3x pullups, 3x calf raise, 3x seated rows.
    Wednesday: Same as Monday
    Thursday: Same as Tuesday
    Friday: Same as Monday
    Saturday: Same as Tuesday

    I run in the morning before class, and do my lifting at night- a couple hours after dinner. Any suggestions, tips, recommendations, critiques, comments, essays, responses, reactions, thoughts, feelings, are greatly appreciated.

    Starting Current
    Bench: 45 lbs Bench: 235 lbs
    Squat: 95 lbs Squat: 285 lbs
    Deadlift: 100 lbs Deadlift: 330 lbs

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    that's a lot of cardio...

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    You're lacking some very important exersises, and leaving out some muscle groups. WBB routine 1 is much better. Your diet doesn't consist of enough calories, unless you're really small, for the amount of cardio you're doing-if you want to gain mass that is.

    What are you stats?


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