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Thread: wt/rep progression

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    wt/rep progression

    Right now I am following a 3-part workout plan and I have a question about the last part for u guys. For the 3rd part Iam supposed to follow a chart for wt/rep progression. The only problem is that it doesnt really make any sense to me. Hopefully someone here could tell me if they see what the point is to the charts progression. For example over a 10-week period I must go from lifting 3x10@50% max bench to 2x2@95%max. Increasing wt by 5% a week. The earlier wt/reps are way lighter then what I normally lift for my 3 sets of 8. LIke if my max was 200lbs I would only be lifting 3x10@100??? If anyone can shed any light on why the chart goes like this I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

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    I'm a little confused, but this is what I'm getting:

    It doesn't really make sense to say to do 3sets X 10reps with 50% of your max bench, unless 10 reps was the most reps you could do with that amount of weight. Somebody might be able to do 25 reps with 50% of the weight, somebody maybe 5 (though very unlikely). The point is, why stop at 10 if you can keep going. I guess the point is to progessively start doing lower reps with heavier weights instead of doing higher reps with lower weights. I don't know. But regardless, if you can keep going, then keep going, and don't stop until can't lift it anymore. Don't stop at X# of reps just because the program tells you to; it doesn't know that you can do more than that many reps with X% of the weight. I don't know if I've helped explain why the chart goes like that, because I don't think I reallly quite understand it. But I think the point of it is to basically progress you into lifting heavy (low reps). If this is the case, do as much as many reps as you can with X% of weight, then increase the % as it tells you to do and continue to do as many reps as you can with that weight. But I still don't know what the point is of continually lifting heavier with lower reps unless the point is powerlifting or strength. You can get big with doing whatever % of your max, you don't need to lift 95% of you max in order to get bigger. If putting on some mass and strength is your goal, I'd lift about 75% of your max as many times as you can, which is usually about 8-12 reps. If strength and powerlifting is your goal, then I guess just do as the program says, but if you go with the program, either go by how many reps they tell you to do, or what %weight they tell you to do, you can't go by both at the same time, because they don't know how many reps you can do with X% of the weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeaponX
    LIke if my max was 200lbs I would only be lifting 3x10@100??? If anyone can shed any light on why the chart goes like this I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
    Looks something like HST. Search.
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