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Thread: Static Lift

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    Static Lift

    I am fairly new to working out and was told to add a static lift to my routine. Can anyone tell me, do you use it, what area it works, proper technique?

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    I thought the definition of static meant a lift without movement? The only one i see people do is barbell holds to strengthen your grip.
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    grab a barbell load it with weight and hold it for as long as you can!@

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    unless your grip is bothering you for pulling, rows shrugs ect i dont think you need to worry too much. I wouldnt consider this a must have for a basic routine
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    Would holding on to a pullup bar work to strengthen your grip also?
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    I'd have to say yes.

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    Don't worry about the static holds unless your grip is really holding the rest of you back. If you just want to beef up faster increase the width of whatever bars you use. The easiest way to do that is to wrap something squeezable like wash cloths around the bars.
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