I know how these different forms of deadlifts vary.

Here's what I would like to know...

1. Do all these types of deads hit the lower back equally? If not, which does it hit more and why?

2. Which do you guys prefer?

3. From my experiences, Romanian deads are the only ones I can do without hurting my lower back, which I do on leg days. I have a bad lower back and when I do those, i don't feel any pain in my lower back. Maybe when i did try traditional, my form was broken causing the pain, but even hyper extensions cause my lower back to hurt. When I do hyper extensions, as I finish, my lower back is in a lot of pain and getting to my feet hurts, but after 30secs to a minute, it pretty much goes away. I don't do hypers with any additional weight.

Any thoughts? Do any of you do Romanian deads?