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Thread: Chris's Journal *On the Road to Wellness*

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    Chris's Journal *On the Road to Wellness*

    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    This is my first day.... so bare with me! It is really hard for me to know my exact calloric intake (I am currently living in a Residence Hall), but these are the figures I've found online.

    I've lost 110 pounds thus far, I am down from 250 pounds to about 140, though reccently my weight has been gradually increasing, I think it's time to increase my intensity and watch my diet!

    My goal is to lose about 15 pounds in the next six weeks, though I am also trying to firm, tone, and build... my diet is low in protein, but I do use CLA, L-Carnitine, Diet-Tech, and Soy Protein
    Here's the food intake for the day..
    Blueberry Muffin
    Calories 285
    Raspberry Iced Tea
    Calories 60
    CALORIES 345

    Carrots/Celery with ranch dressing
    Calories 100
    Salad with black beans/cheese
    Raspberry vinaigrette dressing 80 calories
    Calories 500
    CALORIES 600

    Grilled Cheese: With Miracle whip (60 calories)
    Lettuce, tomato, onion
    Calories 331
    Carrots/Celery with ranch dressing
    Calories 100
    CALORIES 431

    Starbucks Vanilla Frap
    Calories 200


    Exercise:........ I am on my way, it will be in the next post, also I am going to update soon with some pictures, and my figures! I can't wait to get started!!!!
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