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Thread: Competed in a strong man comp today

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    Competed in a strong man comp today - VIDEO ADDED

    Well today I went to watch a strongman comp that a friend runs every year. He told me I'd get a free t-shirt if I competed, so I decided I'd sign up.

    Some of the things I did was flip a 400 lb tire 5 times in 2 minutes, and carry two railroad tracks with handles totalling 312 lbs 20 metres in 2 minutes.

    Also, the last event was sumo wrestling and in the battle for bronze, I finished with a good throw on my opponent (picked him up at the hips, and slammed him down).

    I came in 3rd out of only 4 competitors this year (other years have had more competitors), which is what I expected, given the size and strength of the top two competitors. But I'm pretty happy with how I did. In the gym right now I'm only deadlifting 250 lbs for reps, so I was pleased to be able to do so much with the tire and the railroad tracks. Pictures should be up soon at the website for the event
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