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Thread: Training around a hurt hamstring

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    Training around a hurt hamstring

    I have really screwed up my hamstring. If anyone has any suggestions about rehab and training around a hurt hamstring (and doing the best I can to keep my DL and SQ from slipping too far), I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

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    Well, my recommendation, is that if you want it to properly heal, leave it alone for at least 3-4 weeks. Don't stretch it or anything. Even be careful in the gym when doing other exercises that you don't apply much stress to it. Simple mindless crap like picking up DBs off the floor can tweak things again.

    I'd slowly just start adding in a bit of cardio, start with walking and then go from there. Then maybe some light weight resistance and move on it slowly.

    One thing I'd point out, even when you get it back to full strength, don't be fooled into thinking it's perfectly fine. A few things you could do at a track, would be figure 8s around goal posts, and progressively faster start/stops.

    I tore my hamstring, and rehabbed it on my own until it was 100%, or even stronger, but one burst off the line playing a bit of football with friends, and it was way worse the second time.

    Even after rehabbing it again, I think I tweaked it just playing a bit of touch football while making a cut. Now I don't play at all anymore.

    But just make sure that you take care of the weight training strength, as well as the explosive strength and lateral ability as well. Go easy on the start/stops, but I really recommend them. Stop/Starts are just basically the beginning of a sprint, and then you can also try stopping in shorter distances, in case that wasn't clear.
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    Thanks. Right now, all I'm doing is ice, Tylenol, and electro-stim. I definately won't be able to do any appreciable squat or deadlift weight for at least a few weeks.

    Later, I'll add some cardio - probably stairs. I admit that I am the biggest wuss in the world when it comes to anything resembling jogging or running.


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