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Thread: Safer way to get relief from stress.

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    Safer way to get relief from stress.

    I have dropped my career as a graphic designer after my husband has been transferred to Boston who is a corporate executive. The situation changed when John lost his job in a corporate reorganization. My children are in high school now and they can take care of themselves. I would really love to start my job again and I think it would be financially sensible. My husband does not agree with me and this is causing stress in my family life. He has starting taking a few medicines without a physician’s consultation. Can anyone suggest a better and safe way? All tips and suggestions are welcome.

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    you need income. get your job back
    medicines? do you mean protein powder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UK2BB View Post
    do you mean protein powder?
    I know you're half-crazy, but I wish you'd go all the way.

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    if you mean a safer way for him to reduce his stress that he's currently using pharms for, no, he won't find it. What I mean to say is that there are 'relaxating' herbs (of course it's a subjective thing, so it's hard to tell sometimes which are good, but things like valerian are relaxing), however, if he's been using pharmaceuticals to cope he's not going to be downgrading to herbs (legal herbs anyways lol).
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