Had a near death experience last night. I was driving home from wal mart and all of a suddent i notice my windows are kinda fogging up. I turn my defroster on and all of a sudden bluish smoke comes pouring out. My whole car is in a fog and i cant see ****. My windows get colored a blue tinted color. I actually have to pull off the road, roll down my windows to let the smoke stuff pour out and wipe my windows down so i could see out of them. Then i notice in my passenger floor board i have blue fluid leaking all over my carpet. Im thinking wtf, so i lay my shirt down so i wont stain the carpet anymore. I roll all the windows down so my car wont fog up to fast. Then i take a short cut home to my house. Well coming off on road my windows are fogged a little on the passenger side. I make a right turn and all of a sudden see a dude on a bike. He was riding against traffic on my lane. I missed him by maybe 6-8 inches. I of course stop the car and stick my head out the window and asked if he was ok. He said ya im fine, why couldnt you see me. I said, why the **** were you driving against traffic? Then he said good question and rode off. I think he was a crackhead. So anyway i get home and take my dashboard and all the lining off and realize my heater core is broke. Now im gonna have to go pay for all this ****.